Thursday, 13 August 2009

Long Time No Post!

MMMMmmmm Seems my signature at the bottom of my posts has disappeared?

Anyway it has been ages since I have posted! But the good news is that the girls rooms are ready and last night was their first night sleeping in their own rooms!! The beds still haven't come yet so they are sleeping on the mattresses just now, hopefully they will arrive soon and I will put some pics up to bore you all!
These are the canvases that we made for Lucy's room, she picked out 3 colours from her bedding set and painted them and left me to decorate them with my skully stamps from Stamping Bella. I have used some black glitter glue on the skull eyes and glued on some black stars. I think they have come out quite well! We did have a minor disaster though when they were sitting on the dining table waiting for the glue to dry...Jude decided to go up to the table to eat her satsuma and the juice squirted right across the table and landed on the turquoise one! It is not too noticeable tho!

I also received these 2 awards from the lovely Lou, thank you soooo much!

The rules of the Circle of Friendship Award are that you must list 5 things that you like to do so here goes-

1. Sitting in my cubby making cards
2. Crafting with my 2 girls
3. Enjoying a nice cold glass of wine and a blether with my mates
4. Browsing all the yummy papers in the craft shops and taking them home with me(how sad!)
5. Pottering about in the garden

You also had to pass these awards onto to 5-10 other blogs but I just couldn't pick cos they are sooo many yummy blogs out I would like to pass them onto all my followers.....thank you for following me and leaving me such nice comments!

I also found a wee half hour to make a card woohoo!

Piccies a bit small sorry.......this was for my pals wee the lola pic from the cbeebies website (cheers Debbi).......I made it in a rush so I can't remember all the details sorry! She was delighted with it and the party was great!
I am hoping that once the kids go back to school next week I will get a couple of hours before going to work to get some cards made I have really missed it with all the work going on!
Thanks for stopping by!


Juls said...

love the home decor! how creative!

SallyB said...

I have never thought about the kiddies websites for cardmaking...Thanks for the tip.
Glad that most of the building works is done..Well done..the canvasses look great.

scrappyjacky said...

Love the canvases...what a great idea....lovely way to decorate the new rooms.Hope they're both delighted now their rooms are finished.


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