Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Just have to say........

I ordered a copy of the new Magnolia Ink mag from Sir Stampalot yesterday afternoon.......and it fell through my letterbox this morning(excellent service!)................and its GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Crammed full of stunning cards! I really have to get my pennies sorted and get some more Tilda stamps to keep my one little lonely one company!
I would have had a card to show you all but when I came out my cubby it was dark, so will have to take a pic in the morning........haha my girls are gonna get a shock...they are back to school in the morning after 2 and half weeks off!!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Want some papers?

I have sorted through all my 6x6 papers and these are the ones I am giving away...if anyone would like them just leave me a comment and I will draw a name on Saturday! There are about 100 sheets here all lovely papers...just ones I have had sitting for a while and never used!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Passion for Promarkers #22

Phew I am a bit last minute with this card......that's why there is not much to it...but its another Christmas card to add to the box!
This is a cute little stamp that came free with one of my mags, and I have used some leftovers again. The ribbon was white but I used my PM to colour it as I didn't have any red ribbon! The eagle eyed among you may notice that the pic below has some little gems my haste to get the pic taken before it got dark I forgot to put them on!

Many thanks for looking!!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Can you guess what we had for pudding!!

I had to share this with you guys.......can you guess?lol

Phil bought one of those Betty Crocker cake mixes today to make with the girls ( they had seen the advert for it on telly last night!)......Jude couldn't get it eaten quick enough!.......she got it everywhere lol ! I am sure if she could have gotten away with it she would have rammed it in with her hands!! I am sincerely hoping that John and Edward go home tonight! I couldn't even watch the two of them last night it was awful!!!

What a Fab Time!!!!!!!

I am back and what a great time we all had......Michael McIntyre was face is still sore from laughing so much! And I just had to share with you all the fabby stuff I got at the SECC! Papers galore I was like a kid in a sweet shop!!

Lots of lovely little charms and some flowers

This little lot here was all £1 each!!!!!..........even the Laura Ashley paper pads!!! Brilliant stand everything was £1!!
Roll on March when the next one comes!
Keep a look out cos I am gonna sort out all my 6x6 papers and giveaway all the ones I haven't used! make way for all my new stuff!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tilda cards

Made another couple of cards using the some of the images that Sarah had sent me...they are just soooo cute the Tildas! Can't remember the make of this double-sided paper, but I have used both sides on this card and edged with silver ink, I have also added some silver swirls to the corners. The two snowflakes are salvaged from one of last years crimbo cards!

I love this one....I have coloured her with PMs.. cornflower blue, china blue, saffron and sandstone for her clothes and the usual ivory, blush and dusky pink for the skin and cocoa and henna for her hair.

I hope I find somewhere at the SECC selling these lovely stamps cos I really want to get some wishlist is getting bigger by the day!! 3 sleeps to go!!!!!

Monday, 19 October 2009

4 days till the SECC!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I had to get back to the Christmas loads to make! These two I have made using some leftovers and bits n bobs!

Got a couple more sitting on my desk to finish off so I will post them up later!

Really looking forward to getting to the SECC on Saturday..............I love wandering round looking at all the gorgeous sample cards and all the yummy stuff!!!! The only bummer is I will be on my own :0( nobody to get all excited about the new stuff with!

Sunday, 18 October 2009


Who out there is voting for John and Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry guys just had to vent my frustration!lol

Not A Christmas Card

Decided to have a wee break in between making Christmas cards today to have a go at finishing off this tartan card that I started a few weeks ago.
This is my one and only Tilda stamp....I bought it with the idea of making some Scottish themed cards (Fort William is a very touristy town)and maybe ask a few of the local shops to sell....just haven't plucked up the courage to go out and ask any!
The swirl is one of my new foam stamps that I got from Docrafts and I have gone over it with some black stickles and added a few punched butterflies.

Close up of the flowers and thistle.

Just watched Meet the Hasselhoffs and they have just been in Fort William!!!Heehee!

Please Please Please can it be John and Edward that go home tonight!!Jude will be most annoyed cos she thinks they are great (well she is only 5!)

Enjoy the rest of Sunday!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Passion for Promarkers #21

Here is my entry for the 21st challenge over at PFP which is a great sketch this week and any its another Christmas card from me!! And I have had a go at Caryns tutorial for her spikey flower. The only thing I am not happy with is the circle sentiment...don't think it looks right so might have to change it later!

I am pleased with my spikey flower....did find it a bit fiddly rolling it up though as I don't have a quilling tool!

Enjoy the rest of the evening!!

Anyone want some embossing boards??

Robins, Summery Happy Birthday doublesided, Flowers and birds Happy Birthday doublesided

Christmas doublesided,Fathers day doublesided, Happy Birthday doublesided, Valentine doublesided

Mothers Day Doublesided, Mr Men Doublesided, Christmas doublesided

Further to my clearout I have these embossing boards and stencils that I have had for a while and never used(got them free with magazines) if anyone would like them I shall give them away in their little bundles...leave me a message telling me which lot you would like and I will do a draw at the end of the week!

We had a fab time over in Dundee...the Sensations Science Centre was great, loads to do and Discovery Point was well worth the visit too! We also went on a bit of a nostalgia trip too for Phil as he lived in Broughty Ferry for a while when he was a young boy, so we went and found the house he used to live in and had a wee wander along the beach!

More Crimbo Cards!

I am on a roll at the mo with my Christmas cards! Still got loads to make though! This cute wee snowman was sent to me with some other Tilda images from the lovely Sarah (Thank you!!) as a thank you for the tool images I sent to her!

This one too!I love all the Tildas and I only have one stamp at the mo...........hopefully might be able to pick up a few when I go to the SECC next week!

I picked up these lovely papers when I was away during the the colours and my paper pile is getting bigger and bigger, think I will need to sort out some proper storage soon.

I haven't put any sentiments on these cards as I will add some special sentiments once I have decided who I will be sending them too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Passion for Promarkers Number 20!!!!

Here is my entry for #20 over at PFP........any colour with 3 different shapes, 2 papers and 1 ribbon. So I have a square shape on the base card, a rectangle and a circle and my little manga girl is sitting on a bit of ribbon....I have coloured her with a little bit of pale blues and greys to give her an icy feel. The sentiment is from my new stash from Docrafts.

I don't know how Jude did it but she managed to close our living room door while her thumb was in the hinged side and omg it looks awful, big gouges on both sides of her thumb...she was screaming for Britain! I am a bit worried that she is gonna lose her nail as it was right on the base of her nail and it is looking really black :0(.....she has it all bandaged up now and is all snuggled up on the couch. For being such a little girly girl she is the one who is always hurting herself and big sis the tomboy never gets a scratch!lol

All my orders finished!!!

These are the last of my orders! I was not happy at all with the mod themed card...sat playing about with it for ages, took it in and said she didn't have to buy it if she didn't like it...but she whooped with delight and said it was perfect! I think it is because it is a bloke card and I just find it soooo hard to get enthusiastic about them!lol
And this is my parcel that came from Docrafts this morning...can you believe I got all this for just over 6 quid?!!!!! They have a fab sale on just now!!

That is me finished work now as the schools are off for 2 weeks and 3 days!!!!!!! I am gonna try and cram in as many Christmas cards as I can! Not this weekend though as we are off to Dundee to take the girls to a Wallace and Gromit exhibition...they are so excited to be going away to stay in a hotel!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Been a Busy Girl!!!

Well I have been a busy bee the last couple of days getting all my special card orders a couple more today to get done for Friday so no putting my feet up yet!! I did manage to make a few pennies today when I took a box of my cards into work....more to spend at the SECC in two weeks Yay!!! wish list is getting bigger every day keep thinking of more things to add!lol
Most of the images I got from the good ole internet as I had nothing for the special requests for the cards.
One of the last cards I have to make is for a guys 40th who was into gonna have to have a look and see what I can come up with!!
Well better get off and get on with the rest of the cards!
Bye for now and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Stamp winner

Apologies for not posting this yesterday but I was fit for nothing and went to my bed. Feeling slighty more human today just wheezing and coughing!

Anyway this stamps new home is with Hannah.....Jude thought it was all very exciting pulling a name out of her hat! And as there were only another 3 names I am gonna stamp the image out for them! So if Jane, Katie and Julye would like to email me their addresses I will send them out to them!

I have a few more items from my clearout looking for new homes, so will try and get piccies up over the next few days!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Happy World Cardmaking Day!!

After my clear up yesterday....(see previous post) I have this stamp to give away....if anyone wants it! It has been used and is slightly stained but if anyone would like it leave me a comment and I will pick a winner on Monday.
I am going to spent this afternoon in my nice tidy cupboard and make some cards seeing as it is World Cardmaking Day!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Craft Show at SECC Glasgow!

Yeah!.... just booked my ticket for the Crafts show at the SECC in Glasgow! And even better was the fact that I used one of my £2 Tesco vouchers to pay for it!!! My wish list is all written and my little savings box in my cubby has been counted!lol
Anyone else going? I am going to see Michael McIntyre on the Friday night and then heading to the show on Saturday.

30th and a 40th

Got another 7 cards to make over the next couple of days, and I am feeeling awful again! Jude came home from school the other day all snuffly and now she has given it to bones are aching ...... Sitting on the couch just now with a blanket wrapped around me!
I seem to have lost one of my comments that was left and I cannot remember the lovely ladies name to go and find if you read this could you check please, I think it was for my previous post about the stamp and I don't want to miss you from the draw?


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