Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Judes First Day at School!! Tears!!

Well that's Jude away to school, she has been soooo excited and then when we turned up this morning and she saw all the kids and all the Mums and Dads she totally freaked and wouldn't let go of my leg! I feel so awful leaving her there!:0( she was in tears. What makes it harder is the fact that there are too many P1s this year so Jude and 4 others have been put in with the P2s, I had to just take her into the classroom and then sneak of when she wasn't looking, poor wee thing I am going to worry about her all day now, my little baby! So now I am sitting in the empty house not knowing what to do with myself lol! Speak to you all later!


SallyB said...

Oh... you poor thing. That is traumatic. Just to give you a little bit of inside information...the crying is totally for you...as soon as you were gone I bet she stopped. Try not to sneak out tomorrow...but have a big hug and goodbye kiss..be positive, lots of smiling and saying that you are really looking forward to hearing about what she has done at home time! Good luck for tomorrow hun!!

scrappyjacky said...

It always feels so terrible leaving them in tears....but as a teacher myself....I know that after a few minutes the tears are gone and they're loving it. Hopefully she'll come out this afternoon full of all the things she's been doing.

pinky said...

Poor wee thing, its hard but necessary, like handing over part of your heart to be minded for the day! But she will settle, the school will be well prepared for fretting children at this stage of the year. Hope you do ok, think it even harder for the Mums and nobody there to make your fears go away lol.

Kim Dellow said...

Oh bless, that first day is so difficult, but I'm sure it will get easier :) Kim


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