Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I cannot believe that it is Wednesday again already!!! I am posting this early as we are just off to Glasgow with the girls for a day out at Xscape, we are gonna go to Laser Station and the cinema with some friends, I will link it over at Julia's blog when I get back!
On my desk just now is the makings of a crimbo card.......I am determined to have loads ready this year as last year I got very stressed out trying to get everything done!{I even had to buy some Christmas cards!}
There are a couple of finished cards to the top left that are just waiting to have inserts stuck in and then they will go in my box. To the top right beside the glue is my one and only actual Tilda Stamp {i have a few stamped images that fellow bloggers have sent me...thanks ladies!} that I have stamped onto watercolour paper to have a play with shadowing with my Distress inks.....I only have a few ink pads so have coloured the actual Tilda with my PMs.

Now a few of you have noted that my desk is far too tidy lol.......well below is the reason why I am determined to keep it tidy and have so far managed to!

There's that Tilda again lol!

This was my desk a few months ago...and it had gotten to the point where I could hardly even get into my wee cupboard under the stairs let alone make a card! So I spent a whole day clearing it all up and I vowed that I would never let it get that messy again!lol I am planning on taking some pics of my cupboard before I do it all up so you can see the actual space I have!

If like me you love having a nosey at everyones workspaces then head on over to Julia's blog you won't be disappointed!

Oh and I got round to labelling the storage tubs last night too!

Thanks for stopping by!


Paula Gale said...

love the idea that you have sorted everything out into colour schemes. very clever and i bet necessary seeing as space for you is at a premium... can't wait for the makeover - please make sure you do before and after pics.

Paula x x x

Julia Dunnit said...

Jane, I am floored by my admiration for your making the tidy commitment and sticking to it. And the labelling is fab. And frankly, so is the christmas card drive. All in all a fab WOYWW! Hope you've had a fab day out with your girlies.

Cardarian said...

I liked it when it was messy too but I think working in a tidy place is easier! Very organised now so it seems!

Helen said...

Gosh, no wonder you need to be tidy! I know my living room is a mess but I (kind of!) know where everything is - it's either "over there" or "in this box here!" Have a good week.

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

best of luck with keeping your desk clean...I promise myself that all the time but it never quite happens! I LOVE your colouring, its amazing, beautiful tilda and gorjuss!


Wipso said...

Thats one very tidy and organised space. Well done.
A x

Linda Elbourne said...

Well done you on committing to something and sticking to it ... I tend to fail ... quite a lot actually! I hope you had a fab day out!

Angie said...

No wonder you start early ...just had a closeup look at your cards ....they are fantastic. Love the papers you are about to use.....and how come I never thought to store all my brads buttons and flowers of the same colour, in the same box lol

Anonymous said...

You're so right on that, you have to be tidy in a small space otherwise it will overwhelm you. Looking forward to the before and after shots.


Spyder said...

very good idea, putting all your colours in the same box

Cher~ said...

Good for you for keeping it so tidy. Your cards are lovely.


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