Wednesday, 21 April 2010

ARgh problems with commenting!

Does anyone else have a problem when they leave a comment on a blog?
Every now and then after I have left a comment, loads of blank page tabs keep opening up? It's driving me mad!!!!


Hazel said...

I used to have that problem long ago when using Internet Explorer, so I switched to Firefox and the problem stopped x

Fleur said...

Hi it happens to me too, once i couldn't stop it and it opened over tabs. it usually happens when I close a blog down.
Hugz Fleur xXx

Cathy said...

yes, I have had this problem before - once last week and once a few months ago. Each time it happens, I do a full scan just incase I picked something up ;-)

SallyB said...

Hi used to happen to me when I had the music playlist on my blog or now if too many windows are open and I am flitting off in all direction from other blogs...but not that much! These computers!!!
On a different note..Are you amazed at how many comments you get when you do WOYWW? I had 32 yesterday! I never get that many for a card! Have a good day, chick!!

Kate said...

I get that sometimes if I close a page before it's finished loading up

** Kate **

Lori said...

Jane, thanks for posting my candy, good luck sweetie!

Biscuitlid said...

I used to have that problem and switched to Mozilla Firefox and never had it since!

Sorry my storage files are A4, I wish they were 12 x 12 too! If I see any I'll let you know


Kathy said...

Nope, that's one problem I've not had. Bless Blogger, it does have it's little "moments"

Jan said...

I hope I'm able to leave a comment :)
Great blog and I love the name and design :)


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