Sunday, 25 April 2010

Happy Birthday to MEEeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am such a big kid.....woke up early today cos I just couldn't wait to open my pressies!!

I got loads of fab stuff....gorgeous bracelet and the new David Ellwand Faeriality book from Hubby..........perfume from Lucy...............bottle of Baileys with two lovely glasses from Jude {Phil got it for her as she is only 5!lol}.......A lovely fairy ornament and a brand new phone from Phil's, etc! I have been very spoilt!

A big Thank You to Sally for the lovely card she sent me X

I am gonna spend some time playing in my Cupboard with the new stash my sis got me {you can see it on my previous post}. Phil has taken Lucy to her choir practice today....they are having their first full rehearsal for the opera Noyes Fludde { think I have spelt it right...Noahs Arc basically!} it is being performed at Glenfinnan and comedian Sue Perkins is conducting so BBC2 are filming it {all very exciting!}...they wanted some local schoolkids to be in the choir so Lucy and a couple of her pals went up for it! They are all different animals and have to wear really fab head-dresses...she is an Arctic Fox and her head-dress is being made in Finland! So they won't be back til 5...and then Phil is gonna cook me a lovely dinner...yum!!
Edited to add: Lucy has just come back all disappointed cos Sue will not be able to conduct as she has broken her sternum and ribs!
Enjoy your Sunday!!


scrappyjacky said...

Have a lovely birthday,Jane.

Emma said...

Happy birthday to you hope you're having a great day and with all them lovely pressies very spoilt indeedy x

Gez said...

Happy Birthday Jane ♥ Enjoy your day...xx

SallyB said...

Happy birthday Jane....
WOW ...your pressies sound fabulous.....and you sound just like me. I get excited as well!!
It's my birthday on May 10th...not long after yours..fellow Taurean!
I make it last a week day is just not long enough.

Deb said...

Happy birthday, hope you enjoy playing with your new stash. Well done to Lucy for making the choir, all very exciting! hope you are having a fab weekend, hugs debx

Toucan Scraps said...

hope you had a great birthday

Dawn said...

Hope you had a great time looks like you got some great pressies

Love Dawn xx


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