Friday, 30 April 2010


Sorry I haven't been round much the last couple of days and probably not for a few days more......Lucy is poorly with a really bad chest infection. She had a bad cough at the start of the week and on Wednesday at school home time her teacher phoned me to ask if I could come and pick her up {normally she walks as it is only 10 mins} when I arrived she was in tears and told me that she had started to walk but only made it a wee bit and her chest started hurting and she felt like she couldn't I whisked her straight to the docs and he suspected a partially collapsed lung and sent us straight to A&E!!! {I was in mega panic by then but had to hid it from Lucy..she's only 9}. Anyhoo after a short wait they x-rayed her and everything was okay....just a really bad viral chest infection... so I have been in full on Mummy/Nurse mode the last few time for cards! She is feeling a bit better today, coughing up all sorts of yeuch!lol
I will try to catch up with you all over the weekend!


Wipso said...

Oh bless you. What a worrying time. Hope she make a really rapid recovery. Big hugs,
A x

SallyB said...

Hi Jane...Wow...How frightening is that?
Sending you lots of love and get well wishes to Lucy!

kayc said...

Oh dear! I hope she is feeling better soon! Big hug! Kathleen x

Deb said...

poor Lucy, hope she is better soon! hugs Debx

Leann said...

Oh bless her! Hope she's better very soon,
Hugs x


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