Sunday, 1 November 2009

This is a long Halloween Post!

Well our Halloween party was a great success again this year! The only disaster was my biscuits which looked fab last year (pic below) but came out so bad this year I put them straight in the bin! I used the wrong biscuit recipe and they came out the oven all big and puffy :0(
Jude as a spider princess ( she refused to wear the wig!)

We had a treasure hunt and one of the clues was in the car...what the kids didn't know was that Phil was hiding in the back seat!lol


We had moved the table out of the dining room so there was loads of room to go crazy!
The best game was Make a Mummy! And the aftermath of it below!!

It was a great night and I was worried that nobody was gonna come as we had torrential rain all afternoon and there was loads of floods causing the the main road to be closed for a while! But thankfully everyone made it!

The treat bags I made at the last minute but fogot to get a pic of them all so got one quickly before Olivia and Nathan left!
It took us ages this morning to take down all the cobwebs and decorations....Jude went in a huff cos she wanted to keep them up!

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Kirsty said...

this looks so much fun! can i come next year lol kirsty x


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