Thursday, 5 November 2009

Judes Firework Display

Jude had to create a firework display as part of her homework this week so I had the idea of making it a pop-up we set about with the glitter pens and glitter and this is what she came up with! I had to do the swirls for her ( and cutting the card) but she did the rest herself with a wee bit of help...not bad for 5!
She asked me if I would put a pic on my "computer thing for everyone to see" so here it is!


Jane said...

Oh it's brilliant what a great idea!! It looks fabulous what a clever little girl she is!!! Can't remember if I already messaged you Jane but I'd love to send something in return for the images you sent if you email your address! hugs, Jane xx

SallyB said...

Hi there, Jane and Jude!
First of all...Thank you so much Jane for the papers...they are great...nice colours and variation..looking forward to a nice cardmaking day on Sunday!!
now...Firework card....
This is so funky, Jude!!...I do hope you get to show it to your class and they put it on display...a few housepoints may be coming your way for that piece of homework! Very Well Done poppet and Thanks for showing it to us...

scrappyjacky said... can tell her she's done a wonderful job.....what a gorgeous project....they will love it at school.

gailanders6 said...

hey that looks great good on wee jude pud



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