Saturday, 3 October 2009

What A Mess!!!!!

Omg I didn't think it was THAT bad until I saw the photo!lol
So it was no cardmaking until I had tidied it all up...........
So it went from this.......


To this!

And I promise I did tidy it and didn't just scoop it all out of shot lol!!! The 3 pairs of scissors on the right are waiting to be cleaned with sticky stuff remover as they are stuck shut!
Jude even came and gave me a sticker for doing a good job at tidying...bless her. ( both my girls have a sticker chart for keeping their new rooms tidy and they get their pocket money and a treat at the end of the week... so I was even more ashamed of my mess when I make them keep their rooms tidy!)


Susie Sugar said...

Wow you should join in WOYDW (whats on your desk wednesday) there is a link on my blog , its a bit of fun where we have a virtual rummage around each others desk once a week !!lol
hugs Susie xx

SallyB said...

Good girl...You certainly did deserve a sticker for that! I took a photo of my table and am going to post it up next week and then have a tidy up!!


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