Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Stamp winner

Apologies for not posting this yesterday but I was fit for nothing and went to my bed. Feeling slighty more human today just wheezing and coughing!

Anyway this stamps new home is with Hannah.....Jude thought it was all very exciting pulling a name out of her hat! And as there were only another 3 names I am gonna stamp the image out for them! So if Jane, Katie and Julye would like to email me their addresses I will send them out to them!

I have a few more items from my clearout looking for new homes, so will try and get piccies up over the next few days!


pinky said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, sorry having visited you for a while, been ubber busy lol.

JulyeB said...

Sorry you're not well my son has just got over a chest infection and he felt tryely miserable,hope you are soon on the mend. Thankyou in advance for the stamped image I will send you an email with my address thanks Julye


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