Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday............

This is the state of my desk tonight...thought it was about time I put it onto WOYWDW as I am always having a nose at other peoples desks! Now I have published it I will be shamed into tidying it up!!lolI am working on a card just now for a work colleague who is leaving and she drives a yellow work van so they want to incorporate that into the card! I have found a pic online and I am gonna colour it with my Promarkers. The list on the left is the one my Mum has given me of all the cards she needs for the rest of the year....and there are loads of bits and bobs that need to be cleared away! Saving my pennies just now for a trip to Ikea to sort out my little cubby and make it more organised!!

When we got back from school this afternoon we discovered that Judes hamster Lola had died...she was inconsolable......the poor wee thing was actually a boy hamster that Santa brought and Jude got so upset that Santa didn't bring her a girl he ended up being named Lola! We buried him in the same spot as Felix (Lucy's hamster who died last week) so Jude is happy that they are together again.


Anonymous said...

Oh sorry to hear about the hamster, I had a number of them when I was their age, not an easy thing for them to come to terms with is it? Welcome to WOYWW to, I warn you now it's an addiction with no known cure!


Kaz said...

So sorry to hear about Lola, it's sad for little ones isn't it?
The desk, by the way, isn't messy at all! xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah, he was probably lonely, bless him - great cage btw!
Welcome to WOYWW, love to have your desk to nosey through...I see you and I have the same border punches AND...really, how long have you kept those Carl punches in their little boxes? Impressed by that!

Vicki said...

so sorry to hear about the hamster, so sad. welcome to woyww, nice to see you here!!!! have a great night xxx

Fleur said...

Sorry to hear about the hamster - obviously had a broken hearts - Bless him. Hope your girls are coming to terms with their sad news. We lost our cat "chester" last summer he was 19 so a good age, but still sad especially for Mackenzie, our daughter.
Hugz Fleur xXx

Paula Gale said...

oh no - that's terrible news... poor Jude. Condolences....!

Welcome to WOYWW - like Brenda (above) said - it's addictive - in fact its a cult!!!

Paula x x x

Angie said...

Your desk is quite tidy've gor at least another few days of clutter before you need to deal with it.

Sorry to hear about your daughters pets ...hampsters do not have a long life as a rule

Deanne said...

awww bless about hamster, so hard for children to lose their pets :( hugs xx
never tidy up your craft space its more inspiring that way! or thats my excuse lol x

Wipso said...

It's funny how many of us feel the need to have a tidy up once we have published out photos :-)
Sorry to hear about the hampster.
A x

Deb said...

aaww, what a shame, he was so cute! Hope the girls are okay! great to see where you craft! Isn't Ikea fab, we have one here too! I am needing a trip for boxes etc too.hugs Debx


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