Monday, 8 March 2010

Excellent Weekend.......not for my purse tho!!

Well what a fab weekend I had........loads of goodies that I now have to find room for in my little cubby...........I feel a major tidy up and reorganising is needed now...saw some good storage ideas when we were in Ikea!

On another note.............

And Jude has finally lost her first tooth! has been hanging on for the last few days and she was very concerned that we were going away for the weekend and what happened if it came out when we weren't there...but Granny assured her that she would keep it safe for her but it was still there when we got back...but she came running out of school today delighted that it had fallen out at gym! She is raring to get to bed now to put it under her pillow!

......AND look what was in the car when we got back to it after school!.....this is the first ladybird we have seen in years....I don't even think Jude has ever seen one! Lucy made a ladybird box the last time we went to Centre Parcs and it has been sitting in her bedroom for ages so we took it out to the garden and the wee thing crawled right in!!

Hopefully will be back soon with some cards!


Kath said...

lots of yummy goodies to play was wonderful to meet you at the SECC and the secret is slippers...OK you maybe get funny looks but if your feet are happy...say no more...big hugs kath xxxx

scrappyjacky said...

Lovely lot of stash to play with there!!

Juls said...

all those goodies look fab!! cant wait to see what you create with it!!! Hugs Juls


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