Monday, 20 July 2009

No Cards yet

Not much posting lately sorry, we are splitting the girls bedroom in half to give them a room each, so have spent the last few days clearing their room of toys and stuff and then moving all the furniture out and trying to find somewhere else to put it all!!! Not an easy task in our wee house..........they have their bunkbeds up in the dining room which they think is a great adventure!! Anyway he has arrived today and is currently cutting a big hole in the wall to put another window in, Jude thinks he will be finished in a day and she will have her brand new room!(if only!)
Hopefully I will get to play in my cupboard tonight and have some cards to post fingers are getting twitchy need to do something!!!


SallyB said...

We have had a few days like that recently...good's exhausting.
I love the picture of your craft space...It really is the cupboard under the stairs. wow!

scrappyjacky said...

A lot of hard work...but sure it'll all be worth it for the girls to have their own space


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