Sunday, 26 July 2009

No Card just boring alterations!!

Just thought I would bore everyone with some pics of the alterations we are having done in the house, its a two bedroom but the masterbedroom is huge so we have split it in two to give the girls a wee room aren't great cos I couldn't get a good angle.There was a door into the room just where you can see a door on the right, that has now been taken away and you go round the corner to the right to get into Judes room and Lucy's room is straight ahead. Don't know if I have explained that very well!
This is part of Lucy's room it was a big walk in cupboard but we have opened it up to give more room and left a bit on the left for a wardrobe. The photos aren't great looks much better in real life lol

This is the view from outside with the new window on the right........which are all gonna be painted brown.........I have hated the colour of the windows since the day we moved in! Some of the houses are red, some blue and some green! Don't know what they were thinking when the built them!!

I did however manage to get a wee play in my cubby today and I got some colouring done and I also started something for my BFs wee girl whose birthday is next month, can't show any pics until after cos she likes to check out my blog.........I have got her into cardmaking!

Anyway thanks for letting me waffle about the girls room!
Bye for now


pinky said...

I'm sure the girls are delighted! We are just have alterations done too starting tomorrow!!! I am dosed with the cold and have been clearing and emptying and stripping wallpaper. The large living room is being made smaller to make an extra bedroom for my big son who has slept on the living room floor on a mattress for over a year lol. So he will be glad.

SallyB said...

OOh I don't know about anyone else but I am a nosey parker and I liked seeing the pictures of your house. Makes a nice change!
It will look wonderful I'm sure once its all finished and painted!


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