Sunday, 7 June 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well was totally lazy today, no housework...... no cardmaking!.....nothing, well thats a fib I did do a tiny bit of weeding in the garden and actually I did wash the windows in the conservatory, a womans work is never done! LOL! It was another fab sunny day with just a couple of tiny showers so I couldn't justify sitting in my little cubby hole. So the piccy I am posting is a card I made ages ago. The Dress Up Maggie stamp from FunkyKits I saw at the show at the SECC and didn't buy cos I forgot to go back for and then it took me ages to get it online!

It makes me think of my youngest as she is always dressing up and playing with make-up!

Thanks for looking!



1 comment:

Lilian said...

Your card is so sweet! Maggie is just a darling! Love the pink colors! Have a great day!


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