Monday, 2 May 2011

Way too nice for cardmaking!

Sorry but it is way too hot here to be sitting in my wee I have no cards to share with you...but I will bore you all with some pics from our walk this afternoon.
We had to drag the girls right enough!lol but once we were there they enjoyed themselves.  We went 5 mins up the road to Nevis Range where there are some lovely forest trails.

They have not long finished a high wire assault course...looks fab but not for me...don't like heights!

me in the cardi....too hot...but being ginger and freckly I burn within 5 mins!lol

We managed to find the one cloud in the sky!!

Stopped for an ice cream and a coffee and watched the gondolas for a while

The view of Aonach Mor......someone said the little patch of snow looks like Snoopy...can you see it!! I had to draw it out when we went home but Lucy still didn't see it!


weewiccababe said...

I haven't been over your way in years and years Jane, and I think seeing as we're not going abroad this summer we should take a few days here and there round Scotland, because I do love the countryside up here - nothing beats it

saturated canary said...

i love family walks...they are so low key and yet still very memorable!...

i love the pic on the fence the's a great one!...and i wish we had a tree assault course here!...that sounds really fun to try...although i'm not big on heights either:)

have a great day!


scrappyjacky said...

Such stunning views,Jane.


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