Thursday, 26 May 2011

I am not ignoring everyone!

I don't know if it is just me....but I have been having problems leaving comments for the last few days....please don't think I am being's driving me mad!! Lets hope blogger sorts it out soon!

Edited to seems to be working if I uncheck the keep me signed in box on the login page???


Kathyk said...

You're not alone - having the same problems but I got back in yesterday and it's been behaving ever since. Good Luck with getting back in with Mr Blogger!


Kathyk said...

Did you uncheck the box "stay logged in"???? I did (on recommendation) and whether coincidence or not - it worked!

btw - your comment appears so whatever you did - it worked!



jackid said...

Yah a lot of people have had probs with it lately hope they sort it soon
Jacki xx

Kirsti said...

Yep me to Jane - it's very frustrating!!!

Kirsti xx

Only works with some and looks like it will on

scrappyjacky said...

Yep, same has happened to me....and same solution works...but have had no probs with 'pop up' boxes like yours.

Kirsti said...

lol...was just away to message you to say uncheck your it's just worked for me....x


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