Monday, 23 May 2011

I want to hide under my duvet!!!

OH this weather is horrible!! I have just been blown home from work...I come over that bridge in the pic and at one point I had to stop and hold on!!! really don't want to go back out to collect poor Jude....I don't have the car today so we are gonna have to walk!!

View out the front window...that poor wee tree is not looking good...I don't know if it will make it!!I will be hiding in my cupboard tonight I really don't like the wind...the house is making all sorts of weird noises!
Hope you are cosy and warm out there!x


Gez said...

Oh yuck!

It's not much better here in Lancashire!

~ Ali ~ said...

Stay safe and warm Jane!

Ali x

saturated canary said...

oh, that does look like a mess! niamh hates wind too! we have to pray for no wind every night before she'll fall asleep:). do stay dry!...hiding in a little cupboard filled with fun things sounds fun, though!:):)


Kat said...

The wind has been pretty horrendous here in the east too Jane but at least it's been mainly dry.

Stay warm,

Kat xx

Deb said...

I hate the wind too! We just had the loudest thunder storm, which also scares me but not as much as wind!
stay warm! Happy Crafting, Debxx


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