Friday, 10 September 2010

Look what I did when I came home from work..

Bunches of flowers for a pound a bunch from the Poundshop...

Half an hour later ...pulled apart and now I have about 150 flowers!!!  The white ones are fab cos I can colour them to match my cards!


Wipso said...

Wow. What a great find. Really look forward to seeing what you do with them all now :-)
A x

Kathyk said...

BARGAIN Jane - I too am looking forward to seeing what you do with them. Go Poundshop!


Deb said...

wow, they look fantastic, good bargain spot there! have a fabulous weekend, hugs Debx

pink lady said...

What a fab idea Jane, I might have to take a trip to the pound shop and see if I can find any bargains like this....a girl can never have too many flowers x

Ali said...

Ooh thanks for the idea - why have I never thought of doing that!!! DOH - cant wait to see how you use them xx

Carolynne said...

The look brilliant, I saw flowers recently in our very new poundshop but obviously I didn't think far enough out the box..... I have so much to learn ....

pinky said...

I do that all the time, definitely saves a lot of money but then I go and spend money on nice brads to put in the centres lol.


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