Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ketto..Gertie................. card orders to do today so I got to play in my cubby!....This gorgeous stamp is one of a few that my lovely Sis sent down to me!  She very kindly went to Simply Create for me when Jacqui was having her fab sale and got me some goodies...I really appreciate her going as she is not a crafter and had no idea what to get for me...if you were there you may have seen a lost soul wandering about with a mobile to her ear!lol
The paper is from a freebie 6x6 pad by Kate Knight...I haven't added much else as it is too nice to cover up!
I nearly wasn't even on tonight as OH has only just managed to fix the laptop! The battery has been dead for ages now so we always have to use the power cable, but lately it has been getting loose and falling out (always seems to be when I doing something important...ordering goodies lol) so this morning he decided to try something to help it stay in a bit better (now he works in IT so I was not worried at all!) but that just annoyed the laptop and it decided it just wasn't going to come on at all!! Anyway he managed to fix it...but for how long I don't's quite old so probably about time we got a new one!
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