Friday, 8 January 2010


Hubby has just spent the last half hour scraping the car.......... -14 out there!!!!BBBBRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Everything is frozen solid....gonna have to go out and scrape of the bird feeders and get more seed and nuts....they are going through it all like crazy!! I am definitely gonna go out today and invest in some cosy snow boots.....if there are any left in the shops!

This was a pic I took yesterday from our house......beautiful chilly day clear blue skies.....on the right is the tip of Ben Nevis and on the left is the Nevis Range ski centre...on a clear day like this you can see the tows.....and if you use the binoculars you can see everyone skiing.........I really should have a go....hubby took Lucy up yesterday and they had a great and Jude stayed at home and played the lazy.....we just don't like getting cold!!

Thanks for stopping by....I will have some cards to show soon!


Jane said...

-14!!!! don't like the sound of that AT ALL! I don't like the cold either, hate it in fact although with a gorgeous view like you have I'd probably be tempted to venture out! Ben Nevis looks stunning covered in snow, tfs! hugs, Jane xxx

scrappyjacky said...

We're living in an icy landscape as well....frozen snow on top of frozen snow....very rare this far south!!


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