Thursday, 10 December 2009

So Sorry

Guys I am so sorry I am such a bad blogger of late...there is just not enough hours in the day just now! I have been making some cards and I will get them posted up soon...I am also going to be having a go at decorating some candles for the girls teacher pressies...if they work out I will post some pics! Must dash now pressies to wrap and cards to write...I have actually relented and bought a box of cards .....WHAT I hear you all cry how could you!!!...I just haven't got enough made and I have decided not to get stressed about trying to get more made in the little time I have left....please forgive me...I promise I will start in March for next years ones!lol!


lil-paper-pixie said...

Hi Jane,

I don't blame you for buying the cards, I have no time either, you can only do what you can do hun!!! Looking forward to seeing your candles.



Jane said...

Ah, I forgive you Jane!!! Know just how you feel, I'm still trying to finish mine too! hugs, Jane xx


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