Thursday, 28 May 2009

I've got the Promarker Bug!

Firstly apologies for the awful photo! This is my first attempt at colouring with my new promarkers, I am quite pleased with it particularly the hair, I followed the brilliant advice from Debbi over at The Crafty Cuttings of Wiccababe blog, she has great tips for colouring!
I only have a few pens at the mo, but I am waiting on more arriving tomorrow! Trying to be good and only ordering a few at a time but I want them all right now!! I have a few cards to make for people and I need to get them finished tonight, so I will post them up tomorrow.
Daughter no2 is 5 tomorrow so we are having a few friends round for some nice nosh, she is so excited and can't wait to go to bed tonight so it will be morning! I am hoping that the weather is a bit better, its not very nice in the Fort today but apparently there is a heatwave due!
Anyway must go, got some wrapping to do!!


SallyB said...

Very well done! The hair looks great and looks really realistic with the shine on it. I ordered 4 more that arrived yesterday...The Magenta one is really bright!

Tab said...

Oh love your colouring, looks fab hun! Hope that you get good weather for tomorrow, fingers crossed!
Hugs Tab xxx


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