Sunday, 17 April 2011

Luv a Latte.........

Back from a brilliant weekend away...Peter Kay was absolutely brilliant!! My face is still sore from laughing so much...he put on a great show!
We went out for dinner to La Tasca...which was delish, I have never had tapas before but it was great!! And we had a couple of jugs of sangria...yum...definately going to try making some for those lovely summer nights we are going to being ever hopeful!
This is the card that I sent to Ali my swap partner from the card swap that Krista arranged...the first inking for my Luv a Latte girl!
My lovely Hubby has just said he will buy me some of the new Sassys for the girls to give me for my birthday next week!! He must have felt sorry for me drooling over them on the blog hop heehee


saturated canary said...

i think she looks like you:) her reddish hair!. Very pretty card!!

...glad you might get some new sassy stamps for your bday:)...should give some that red hair color!!...i'm loving it!


Deb said...

glad you enjoyed your weekend, gorgeous card and can't wait to see your birthday Sassys!
Happy Crafting, Debxx


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