Monday, 25 April 2011

Anyone for tea?

Well it has been a beautiful day!  Phil was right,  although the day did start off a bit grey by lunchtime the sky was blue and the sun was shining!!

The girls gave me Butterflies and Pigtails and Rapunzel for my two very most favourite ones from the newest Simply Sassy range...they will be getting inked up tonight!
Here is my table all set for afternoon tea....Mum's tea set....had to be extra careful as it was the one she got for her wedding all those years ago....this is kinda making me sound quite old?!! (I am only 39!....there said it really quietly!)
lots of lovely home baking courtesy of my Mum...the empire biscuits,  My lovely Hubby...the banana bread and the scones,  and I made the pancakes!  I my best buddy Gail brought round some homemade puff candy! yum!! ( this is my lovely new cake stand that the girls gave me for mothers can't see in the pic but it has lovely pink roses all over it!)

Tonight we will be having a lovely takeaway curry as today also marks 16 years since our first date! Can you guess?  We went for a curry!!  He also proposed while we were out for a curry!! Can you see a theme here in our house!!lol....I didn't tell him it was my birthday when he first asked me out cos I thought that would be a bit cheeky..... like he should get me a pressie!
Enjoy your evening...back to school and work tomorrow for us!


Ali said...

Ooh lovely party spread yum!! Enjoy the rest of your birthday xx

scrappyjacky said...

Happy Birthday,Jane.....enjoy your curry.

Jane said...

Happy birthday hunni! Wow! all those home made treats look scrumptious!! Sounds like you've had a lovely day! hugs, Jane x

weewiccababe said...

happy birthday quine, hope you've had a fab day - and can you save me one of those bannocks... they look awfy fine

saturated canary said...

happy birthday girlie!

sounds like you had such a special day:)...hope your year if filled with blessings!


Deb said...

Happy Birthday Jane, such a lovely tea! Love the curry story too!
hugs Debx


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