Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Fave Cards of 2010...

Hi everyone...hope you all had a lovely Christmas!! We had great day...girls were totally spoilt!  The only downside was that my sis and her partner didn't make it over from Aberdeenshire.....but we will be catching up with them soon!

The lovely Kath is asking folks to share their favourite cards from took me a while but I have narrowed mine down....



Kathyk said...

Some fab cards there - I can see why they are your faves.

Happy New Year to you and to your family and readers


Wrightboysmum said...

Great cards and a lovely idea for a roundup as I had missed some of them from early on in the year.

kayc said...

Your cards are beautiful. I have hopped over to Kath's blog to have a look. Might join in the fun! Happy New Year! Kathleen x

weewiccababe said...

absolutely gorgeous cards - don't think I could pick a favourite :)
am sure you'll be catching up with your sister soon - there's been a big thaw

kath said...

hi jane
thank you for sharing your gorgeous 2010 gallery and yes we have had a big thaw here so hope to see you soon....wishing you a very happy new year...big hugs kath xxx

scrappyjacky said...

You've made some wonderful cards this year,Jane....must have been really hard to chose your favourites.
Looking forward to next year's ones!!

SallyB said...

Hi Jane...
Lovely to see some of your favs!!
Glad that the girls had some nice girls were spoilt too but they did appreciate and love everything they got!
I am enjoying being at home and watching some tv...not much crafting going on...more like washing and cleaning but I am looking for new inspiration and had a good mooch around the Sizzix sale! Must use some old stash up though crafting stash is appearing in piles in every room! Happy New Year!


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