Monday, 6 December 2010


Well we have a distinct lack of snow here in Fort William....It's not even worth taking the measuring tape out  the drawer!...but I have still decided to play along over at Kath's place....she is running a little competition to see who has the most I hear you all saying that I have no chance...but I am hoping Kath will feel sorry for this poor little soul below.......


She stayed out too late last night playing and now she is frozen solid!

We have what looks like wet slushy snow, but it is sooooo cold here it has frozen solid and it's pretty treacherous....there are a few schools closed because the buses are only getting through on the main roads! Not the girls school though much to their's only a 5 min walk away!


kath said...

thanks for sharing your snow pics with us all....just a sprinkling I fear but poor frozen fairy...big hugs from buddy & kath xxx

Kathyk said...

Hope you snow fairy thawed by now Jane


Julia Dunnit said...

Oooh it even looks bloomin' freezing - bet the girls were hoping for more snow - the hills look pretty covered though. AMazing how localised it is too. Keep warm!


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