Sunday, 8 August 2010

Fairy Glen.....

Not much cardmaking going on in the cupboard these last few days....there is something I have been working on but I can't show it as the person it is intended for reads my blog!
Today we went for a walk to whats known locally here as The Fairy Glen....I think the path is part of the Great Glen Way and along the way is a part of forest that a lady has been decorating over the last few years.  It started very small and over the years people come and add things...all she asks for is a little donation which she gives to charity.  The girls made some ...what we in our house call sparkle catchers...basically twirly wire with beads and sparkly things threaded we took them up to tie to one of the trees.(Stupid me tho never took a pic!)
It looks really dark but believe me it was a beautiful sunny day!!

Jude loved all the fairy houses!
It really is feel like a kid again walking through it and looking for things! There are fairies hiding in the trees......fairy circles...teddies having a picnic! If anyone ever comes to Fort William let me know and I will give you directions!lol

So when we got home Jude wanted to make her own fairy garden........

She had all her shells from Newquay so she made one into a little pond..we put some tiny plants in...a chair from the dolls house and lots of sparkly glitter!


Lori said...

I loved all your pictures Jane and Jude's Creation is fit for a Fairy Queen! Wish I was a kid again!

Will said...

Hi there,

I'm a reporter in Aberdeen and I was wondering if our news agency (SWNS) would be able to use your pictures of the Fairy Forest?

A tree felling company want to cut down the forest and we're writing an article for the newspapers about it to try and raise awareness.

If you could let us know about the pictures as soon as possible, that would be superb.

Many thanks,

Will Lyon
NorthScot Press Agency/SWNS
01224 212 141


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