Sunday, 13 May 2012

Smash*ing Sunday

Well i must start off by saying that the weather certainly isn't smashing's blowing a gale and pouring down...yesterday the sun was shining...I don't know what is going on with the weather just now!!
Anyway I feel like I am getting back on track now...what with all the birthdays (Hubby's, my 40th, my Mums, Lucy's yesterday and Judes in a couple of weeks) and our adventures with Jude breaking her arm and dislocating her elbow...cartwheeling at school playtime!! We are finally get back into a bit of a routine again lol
I bought my first Smash* book with some of my birthday money and I figured what better page to start with than my birthday!!
The first page has a pic of all my fab pressies.....I copied the sentiment from one of my cards...that little cupcake brad has been kicking about in my stash for ages and the little date stamp I bought in our local office supplies....
My birthday was on the Wednesday and I decided to have a wee party on the following Saturday and it was on the Friday that I got the phone call from the school to say that Jude had hurt her arm and I had better come and collect her to take her to A& her to the local hospital where they x-rayed her and then decided that she would have to go up to the bigger hospital in Inverness 65 miles away as she had dislocated her radius bone and may need an operation! Freaked out mummy dashing around grabbing stuff to chuck in a bag and off we headed....the result being that we were only discharged a few hours before my party the next day ...and when I mentioned cancelling it THAT was the only time she cryed and got hysterical!! So we pushed the time back a bit it all went okay in the end...but at it was all such a rush and we were just so happy to be home that there were hardly any photos taken......this one of me and my BFF was taken at the end of the evening as they were getting ready to head off!  The Fabulous at 40 is one of my birthday cards and I cut the Polaroid shape out myself....I really need to get myself some Smash* goodies!!
I have waffled enough now thanks for staying til the end!!lol

I will leave you with a pic of my brave wee girl and her "stookie" which is what we call a cast in Scotland!!
I am linking this post up to Kellies Smash*ing Sunday blogpost.... hop over and see all the fab Smash* pages 


Jessie said...

Love the polaroid shaped photo and your pages are lovely!

Loopylou. said...

Oh Jane I do love that smash page so much, its just perfect hun and I love the card for the 40 as well. Bless Jude and that cast, its mahoosive and it must be so heavy for her :(
huge hugs Lou xxx

Kellie said...

I looove seeing your SMASH* pages. the card is amazing and you are FABULOUS, fabulously talented too. thank you so much for linking up to my post. I hope that cast isn't too heavy it looks huge, poor gal xo

Liz, said...

Hiya, love your smash pages - must try that myself - thanks for the inspiration.

Liz x

May said...

Fabulous smash pages... I bought a smash book.. but not got round to it yet... thanks for the inspiration.. Hugs May x x x


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