Thursday, 26 April 2012

Spoilt rotten...........

Thanks for all the lovely birthday messages...I had a great day...there were banners up at work and I had a lovely pink sparkly cowboy hat and "40" glasses to wear while I served up the lunches...thankfully no pictures!
I have been completely spoilt and got loads of lovely BFF stitched me the beautiful Gorjuss Girl and the lovely birdcage card and gave me the John Rocha top .......yummy goodies and the most gorgeous card from Elaine.......a beautiful card from Lou (Jude keeps pulling out the happy birthday jane which is hidden in the pocket!)...some lovely little flowers and goodies from Julie from the Smashaholics FB group....3!! bunches of flowers!.....lovely Gorjuss goodies........vouchers...the list goes on! I am a very lucky girl

And my most amazing Hubster gave me an iPad!!!! He has been getting huge hugs and kisses!!

Saturday is my wee party which I am getting quite excited about!!
Thanks for stopping by....I will be back with a card soon, I promise!!



Ali said...

Oooh lots of gorjuss goodies, hope the party goes well xx

Kathleen said...

Happy belated birthday Jane, sounds like you have had a fab time and got some lovely goodies. You will love your ipad, i adore mine and would be sooo lost without it. Not good for bank balance re crafty goodies though. It makes it far too easy to shop, believe me!!
Have a fab party
Kat xx

Rebekah said...

You lucky thing all these goodies look amazing Jane! Hugs rebekah xx

Elaine said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely you should, it's not every day you're 40!!!

Hugs Elaine xx

Debbi Glennie said...

well it's not every day you have a big birthday - and wow, what a haul, will have to tell my other half that you got an ipad, hopefully he'll take the hint for my big birthday :)

May said...

WOW!!! Enjoy... you will love your Ipad... whoo-hoo, have a great party, Hugs May x x x

Kathyk said...

Sorry I missed the fact it was your birthday yesterday (I was travelling home from San Francisco) but here's hoping you had a fantastic day. It sure looks like you did with the fab array of cards and gifties. BTW 40 didn't hurt one little bit!


Maria Therese said...

oh these are fantastic gifts! ♥♥

Elaine said...

Happy Belated Birthday , what a lot of goodies , sounds like your birthday went off good style. Fabulous Ipad ....I want one !!!.
Big Hugs Elaine


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