Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Better get a move on!

Just checked my Christmas card box and I still need to make another 30 better get my bum shifted and stop playing about with my new stamps!!   But I just couldn't resist them!!
Its very stormy here today in the Fort...all sorts of things blowing past the window...I really don't want to go out!


Wipso said...

Love the card. Good luck with the Christmas card making.
A x

Julye said...

Hi Jane love this and the funky wire to hold the buttons on what a fab idea, if I had some pretty wire I would have a go, never mind something else for the wish list, lol.

Kirsti said...

love the card...the buttons are very funky!!!

Deb said...

gorgeous card, I am in the same boat, still need to make lots of xmas cards, I feel some simple ones coming on! hope the storm passes quickly with no damage, always worry about our house there whenever I hear the weather is bad, had to have roof tiles replaced last year because of wind! hugs Debx

Deb said...

Whimsy do post overseas so you will be fine ordering them, the ticket die is so worth having too, I used to spend ages snipping around them!
We rent our house out to long term tenants which has been great for us and we are lucky that our neighbours keep an eye on the place for us too! glad the storms have settled down, we are in for a big one this weekend!
hugs Debx


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