Saturday, 29 May 2010

It's My Babies Birthday and I am all alone! :(


Jude is 6 today!....And I am left all on my own!...they are both away to a Girl Guiding 100 Celebration party so won't be back till 3 and Phil is off helping out at a Sports Event being held locally and won't be back till 5! You would think I would be relishing the peace and quiet but I don't seem to know what to do with myself!lol
There is a nail shop which opened along from the school a few months ago and everytime we walk past on the way home she always wishes she could go in, so I booked her an appointment for her birthday as a surprise...she thought we were just going to call in to the Post Office which is next door to the nail shop...but when we went in there instead she was over the moon "best present ever Mummy!" She sat there perfectly still watching every little thing the woman did!This is the card I made for her.... "can you put all the pinks you have on it Mummy please" I think I have as many shades as I could find! Her big girl scooter that she wanted... to be just like big Sis!
Lucy gave her this....she is gonna be a bit of a fashion victim I think...she has been eyeing this up in the toyshop for's a little mannequin that you can design little outfits on...might have a wee play with it too!lol Lucy got a mega hug for that!
We have some friends coming round tonight, all the kids are gonna have a Macdonalds and the grown ups are gonna have a curry!yum!!

I will be back later with some cards!!

Thanks for stopping by!


kayc said...

Happy Birthday Jude! Lovely presents you've got. Gorgeous card too. Have a lovely day! Kathleen x

Wipso said...

Happy Birthday Jude. Oh to be 6 again :-)
A x

SallyB said...

Hi Jane...and Happy Birthday Jude!
What fabulous nails!! So cute...
That scooter looks six year old would love that for her birthday!
I am also having a quietish day. My eldest is out for a sleepover with a friend, hubby is at work and my little one is watching tv. I am trying to catch up on some much to do..I really shouldn't be on here.

pinky said...

She's a proper little pink girl about town with her lovely scooter and nails. Happy Birthday jude.

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like she's having a wonderful birthday.

Debbie Dolphin said...

awh so beautiful. Your card is fab and I lurve her nails.My sophie would love hers doing like that.Hope she had a fab day
love debbie xxx

ISA said...

A nice card for a cute girl ! :-)


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