The Cupboard...

Hi and thanks for coming to have a look round my wee cupboard under the stairs! This cupboard is in our living room and it was always used as a bit of a dumping ground...ironing...the girls toys...until I decided to get my hands on it!  I was fed up having to clear the dining room table everyday so my lovely hubby put in a bit of MDF for a desk and a trip to Ikea was called for to fit it out!!
Here is the cupboard before...everything is a bit of a mish mash and there was still other stuff stored in the cupboard, dvds and cds and other bits and bobs.

All very messy but TA DA!.........

My new and improved super organised Cupboard Under the Stairs!!!!Gone are the dvds and cds and in their place are some lovely new bookcases..I had to make sure I measured everything carefully before I bought it as it is only a 3ft by 5ft space.. but it has all fitted in perfectly we had a bit of a job getting the large bookcase in the car tho!!lol!

The large white basket holds all my punches...I punched each one onto little squares of card and attached them to a book ring so I can easily see what is in there.  The smaller white baskets hold all my stickers and embellishment packs.

My rails hold a basket for all my tiny brads and gems which I keep in the little travel containers you can get in Boots and I have recycled some of the tiny little jars of jam that you sometimes get in restaurants to hold some of my flatbacked gems!....I have more book rings for my packets of gems...another basket for my glues and bits....and some lovely pink tubs for my gel pens and tools. I just love Ikea for all their storage ideas!

Recycled takeaway containers hold all my paper flowers brads and buttons...all sorted into colours

Everything has it's own little space now! The black drawers hold all my little flowers and the clear drawers are full of bits and lovely Big Shot fits perfectly on the bottom shelf!
And I have cleared out all the stuff out from under my desk that I haven't used...I even sorted all my scraps, they are in the black file all sorted into colours! The pink drawers hold all my envelopes and blank cards...and a couple of the drawers hold a mish mash of things which still need to be sorted.
My ribbon storage......Sticky hooks from the supermarket (69p for 6)! and some book rings and safety pins and there we have it!

I LOVE my lovely white painted took 2 coats of undercoat and two of gloss!On the left hand side on the wall I have put a white metal memo board and when I was clearing out I found a lovely little clipboard {which I will alter at some point} so I have stuck some magnetic tape to the back of it and that is now holding all my "to do" orders! I have also stuck some magnetic tape to my distressing tool so it is always to hand!All I really need to do is get some lighting put in, all I have just now is a lamp and it can get a little dark.
Thanks for having a look and I hope you like my new space!


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